The number that gets you a new lease on life

Get your Renters Identification Number (RIN) to obtain a new rental agreement without any problems. 

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Don’t let your past block your way to a brighter future

Having a troublesome credit or rental history is like a branding on the forehead. It stays with you for life. You know that those things are long behind you. Yet, landlords still see them. And they won’t rent their property to you. What’s the solution? You might have already heard of getting a RIN. You search for it on the internet. You find services that will get you one. Shocked, you find out that getting a RIN with one of those companies can cost anywhere between $500 and $1500. That alone is a month's rent. 
Don’t waste your hard earned cash on getting a clean sheet (or forehead for that matter) only to be approved for renting property again. There is a less expensive way. Don’t believe us? We’ll show you.

A legal loophole to your benefit

You can register your RIN with PowerMoves so that you’ll get accepted for your new apartment. 
A RIN is basically a legal loophole. It blocks landlords and property managers from seeing your past rental and credit history. Get rid of the signs of evictions, broken leases and outstanding rental balances. Hiccups of the past can brand you for life. Finding a new apartment, house or studio can be an impossible task in this situation. We don’t want that. 
Your new number will be registered with an alternative credit reporting agency. It will provide you with a clean sheet that is also accepted by landlords thanks to the Equal Credit Opportunity Act. The RIN is fully compliant with credit reporting requirements. It has been accepted by top apartment communities and property companies nationwide.
And what’s better then getting your RIN from the company that has created it? We’re the company that other providers get it from. And they charge for that.
Cut the middleman out and obtain your new credit number directly from the source. Order now and you’ll get your RIN immediately. It’ll save you time and money. Both of these things can be spent in better ways. You know that.
Your new apartment is waiting for you

Order now and get instant access to your RIN. Our system will take you by the hand and guide you to rental approval. A better future awaits you. 

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