Having troubles with your current landlord?

Let’s dispute broken lease agreements, illegal evictions and more.

Rental disputes can cause serious troubles

Let’s get you out of this situation

Do you have a dispute with your landlord? Are you being illegally evicted? Whatever the situation is, there is one thing you have to know: This can have consequences that reach beyond the current situation. Having a track record of rental problems is something that makes it way harder to find a new apartment. It’s not just that you’ll most likely have to leave your current home. It also makes it so much more difficult to get approved for a new one. Many landlords won’t sign a rental lease agreement with you when they see that you have an eviction on the record, for example. 

Are you unsure how you should move forward in this situation? Rest assured that we can help you with this. 

PowerMoves offers you simple and straightforward dispute letters. Choose the dispute letter that you’ll need and we will send it to a tenant reporting agency for you. We’ll take care of it on your behalf. It doesn’t matter what it is. Broken leases, eviction filings, outstanding rental balances or even illegal evictions.

You’re not only saving yourself from lots of stress but also handing this task over to experts. We know how to go about this stuff. 

The best part? You can get all of that done on our webpage. No arduous phone calls, no strenuous letter correspondence.  Easy, isn’t it?

Tools for your defense

Don’t get bullied around by your landlord. Being in such a situation can be overwhelming. But don’t worry. We offer the tools for your defence.