Setting your financial records straight

Everybody deserves a second chance. That also rings true for credit history. Get your Credit Privacy Number (CPN) for a fresh start in the credit game.

Don’t let a troublesome financial past hold back future you

Maybe you’ve had financial problems in the past. That can include broken leases, eviction filings, overall poor credit - you name it. Whatever it is, you still have to carry that baggage around. No new car leases, rental lease agreements or loans. There must be a way to get out of this. A way to get rid of this bad track record...

Worry no more! With PowerMoves, there is! 

The alternative way of building up credit

The solution to your problems? Getting a Credit Privacy Number:

A CPN is a 9-digit identification number storing financial information of an individual. CPNs are accepted by all three major credit bureaus. They are often used by members of congress, celebrities and people in witness protection programs for privacy reasons. These numbers can in many cases be used as an alternative to your social security number.

Many people don’t know that everyone can get a CPN!

You can use your new CPN instead of your SSN when applying for a loan in the future, for example. It gives you the advantage of a fresh start. Your credit history will no longer be tainted by your past. 

Be aware that you start off with a clean sheet. That also means that good credit from the past won’t be reflected in your CPN at first. It’ll take time to build it up again. It’s also one off only. Use your second chance wisely. With PowerMoves, you will.
A new start in the game of credit

PowerMoves will help you get a Credit Privacy Number. You can directly order them on our page. You’ll then get to download it immediately after purchase. That way, you’ll be able to use your new and clean CPN as soon as possible. Rejection won’t play a role for you no more when it comes to credit!